OSTI is a brand of Shenzhen Long Huo Hui Technology Co., Ltd. We started as an OEM & ODM factory for many brands with rich experience for more than 8 years. Now, we finally build our own brand OSTI & we are dedicated to be one of the best brands in the Vape industry. 


Brand Introduction: 

"OSTI" is taken from the word "Positive". There will always be ups and downs in our life. No matter how frustrated you gets, we hope you can face the difficulties directly and be positive & optimistic about it. We hope you can feel this spirit and the strength while using our products. And we want to share this spirit to the whole world: Be positive. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. 


Factory Introduction: 

We have 4 types of product lines: CBD cartridges, CBD batteries, CBD Disposables and nicotine disposables. With more than 100 regular workers, product design team of more than 5 professional engineers, we can handle our daily orders very easily. Our quality control team formed of 5 employees is to make sure everything goes smoothly & perfectly. We always pay high attention to the quality control, as we know, quality is the core, the basic, the foundation. It is where we stand.


Our Business Philosophy:

We don't just want to be your another supplier, we want to be your closest business partner. One time business is never what we are looking for. We desire to grow bigger and bigger together with our customers. And to do that, long lasting mutual trust is the only way out. Hopefully we can build that trust with you soon. Give us a chance and time will tell you the truth. 


Our Hope: 

We will do everything we can to improve ourselves and produce outstanding products and models. We want to be and we will be the Alpha in this vape industry with fierce competition. Choose us! Give us a chance! Let us surprise you!






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